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I'm Sorry
(Grass) Anhören
I'm sorry for treating you wrong.
Don't worry, life will go on without me.
Honey, please let me go.
You can't change a restless man
that needs to be free.

I'm leaving and you want me to stay.
It's useless. I'm running away from you.
Honey, please let me go.
You can't hold a restless man that's faced with the blues.

I didn't mean playing with you.
  Excuse me, that had nothing
    to do with you.
      Honey, please let me go.
        You can't hold a running man
        in search for the blues.

    I love you, but I don't need a home.
I'm drifting like a leaf in the storm. That's me.
Honey, please let me go.
Don't wanna be a settled man, so please set me free.

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