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So What
(Grass, Worofka) Anhören (Komplett)
Elevatorís out of order, have to climb up seven floors.
At last Iím there but without keys, I canít unlock my door.
But I donít care. Itís just bad luck that I have got.
I would not feel much better if I quarreled with my fate.
So listen to my final message: SO WHAT!

There's no chance to get some help because it's Sunday late at night.
Gotta check a cheap hotel as the budget is quite tight.
But I don't care. It's just bad luck that I have got.
I would not make it better if I were upset 'bout that.
So listen to my final message: SO WHAT!

I switch on the TV set, wanna check the latest news.
But the screen is somehow strange, green is black and red is blue.
But I don't care...

Some weird noise without a warning breaks my dreams at half past one.
Don't know what had happened, don't know what is going on.
But I don't care...

Fuck! My purse'd been stolen, I have no bucks to pay the bill.
The hotel manager can't laughand holds me back against my will.
But I don't care...

I come home late in the evening. Again I climb up seven floors.
At last I'm there, don't need my keys, some ass had cracked my door.
But I don't care... : ARGH!!!
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